Before a student can sign up and participate in any Armory Youth Project activity or class, their parent/guardian must submit a completed Registration and Waiver Form. (This is a one-time registration, but due to a change in the form, we must have a form completed after 6/1/2020 on file for each student.)

Current Hours:                Monday through Thursday        2:30 pm to 5 pm

Due to current restrictions, only the Quiet Room plus the program of the day will be available at this time.

Sign-up for each program (and Quiet Room) is required.

Quiet Room is available from 2:30-5 pm

Program of the day starts at 3:30 pm

A To-Go Meal will be available before students leave.

Bird Seed Ornament 12.8.2020
Soccer clinic


Do you have a great idea for a program we could run at the Armory Youth Project? 

We are always looking for passionate people to bring new opportunities

to our students and would love to partner with you!

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Questions? Email or Call (231)299-1205