The mission of the Armory Youth Project is to provide a safe environment where young people can build community and be encouraged in their educational, emotional, physical, and Christian spiritual development. 

From the beginning, the leadership of Faith Covenant Church envisioned a partnership with the greater Manistee community from which the Youth Center would be programmed and operated. With the purchase of the former armory building in the fall of 2016, social service, judicial, faith-based and education leaders are collaborating on the facility's design and programming.

"...there is strong consensus among community leadership regarding the perceived need for the facility..." -12th Street Youth Project Feasibility Study Report

The 12th Street Youth Center Project submitted a successful bid of $350,012 for the Manistee Armory on First Street. The bid minimum was $350,000 and an extra $12 was added to overcome a possible competing minimum bid and to recognize the many potential symbolic values attached to the number 12; original site - 12th St., Christ's apostles - 12, 12 tribes of Israel, etc.  In fact, 12th Street was the only entity to bid and it is also inspiring to note that the originally envisioned small Youth Center was to cost $350,000.  Now, with much more space, the attractive location on a well-traveled street, a short distance from the Middle and High School and proximity to the First Street Beach recreational amenities, the excitement for the potential programming of the Youth Center is increasing.

Collaboration has begun with area social service organizations, schools and churches, to work together in the creation of programming and activities which will encourage Manistee County youth to thrive as individuals, citizens and, if interested, to be rooted in belief in Christ.

This facility is open to all teens regardless of whether they or their family have a religious affiliation.