Register Now!!

Before registering and participating in any Armory Youth Project activity or class, a completed Waiver Form must be submitted (either a "New Student Registration & Waiver Form" or an "Adult Liability & Waiver Form", whichever is applicable.) Please see below for more information as well as links to the forms.

New Registration Form (and process)
for every AYP student participant

Student Registration Process (as of June 2020):

Start process online:

  1. Parent/Guardian fill out the online registration form. Click "Registration & Waiver Form" button.
    (If needed, parents can fill out the online form at AYP - just contact us to set up a time to do so.)
  2. AYP will contact student/parent to arrange for a time to meet at AYP to complete registration process

Finalize process at AYP (approx 10 min.):

  1. Student Photo will be taken at AYP.
  2. Registration Information will be verified with student/parent/guardian.
  3. Scanable sign-in/out tag will be assigned to student.

Student will then be ready to sign up for the programs/activities they want to attend.

We currently have limited space in our programs/activities and signing up for each individual activity student wants to attend is required.


Adult Liability & Waiver Form

Before registering for an activity or class at the Armory Youth Project, each adult must fill out an Adult Liability & Waiver Form one time.  Please click on the "Adult Liability & Waiver Form" button above to fill out the form.

Once the Adult Liability & Waiver form has been submitted, you can register for any class/activity, that we have available at the Armory Youth Project.

Note: If you filled out a registration form for either Fall 2020  Pickleball or Fall 2020 Exercise classes, then you are all set.