Rental Reservations are currently on hold due to COVID-19

Because we are not sure when we can reopen, and what kind of restrictions we will need to follow, AYP is currently not approving rental applications (except the fenced in area outside, with increased restrictions.) However, you are welcome to submit the Rental Request online to start the process (or email if you have any questions.)

Note: Buttons to rental agreements are not functional at this time, but will be once we are renting rooms again.

Armory Room Rentals

Although rentals are currently limited to outside to COVID-19, here is some information regarding rentals once they are available.

Looking for more information?

Check out the information below:

  • Floor Plan: Room sizes & hourly rental rates shown.
  • Basic Information: To see the basic responsibilities of the renter, etc.
  • Rental Request: Ready to request rental? Submit a Rental Request by using the Rental Request button (to avoid delays, answer all applicable questions)

General Rental Pricing:

E: Art Room,  $25/hr,  (405 SF)

F: Stage, $50/hr,  (884 SF)

G: Kitchen,  $50/hr,  (810 SF)

H: Fenced Blacktop, $50/hr.

K: Workout Rm, $30-$50/hr,  (1,225 SF)

M: Conference,  $25/hr,  (376 SF)

N: Gym,  $100/hr,  (9,036 SF)

Birthday Party Rental:

For children & youth ages 18 years and under only.

  • up to 25 guests:      $50/3 hrs.
  • 25 or more guests:  $75/3 hrs.

Wedding Reception Pricing: TBD

Due to variety of options, price to be determined once rental request is received.

Long-Term Rental Pricing: TBD

Fill out General Rental Request so Rental Committee can determine a long-term price.

Non-Profit Pricing:

Rental rates are automatically 20% less for organizations with 501(3)c status for one time usage. However, if the request includes multiple usage, you may request an evaluation for a possible long-term pricing discount also.

How to proceed ...

Once request is approved: (Note: Forms also available in our office)

  • To reserve the date: Fill out, sign & turn in appropriate agreement (found below) along with partial payment. Email, drop off, or mail the signed agreement along with a partial payment to hold the date.
  • Final payment is due two weeks before the event, along with a refundable deposit that will be returned after the event, as long as facilities are cleaned properly, garbaged put in dumpster, no damage,  and key fob returned.
  • Ways Payments can be made:
    • Online click "Payment" button below to pay with credit card or e-check.
    • Mail check, payable to "Armory Youth Project", to 555 1st St., Manistee, MI  49660
    • Drop off check or cash to the office.
    • Note: Checks received for refundable deposit will be held until after the event. As long as facility is cleaned appropriately, with garbage removed, no damage, and key fob is returned, then the check will be voided and returned.

The Agreement buttons below are currently not working. They will be functional once we open up to inside rentals.

Various Pictures of rental areas.