New Registration Form
(and process)
for every AYP
student participant

New Registration Process:

Start process online:

  1. Parent/Guardian fill out the online registration form. Click "Registration & Waiver Form" button.
    (If needed, parents can fill out the online form at AYP - just contact us to set up a time to do so.)
  2. AYP will contact student/parent to arrange for a time to meet at AYP to complete registration process

Finalize process at AYP (approx 10 min.):

  1. Student Photo will be taken at AYP.
  2. Registration Information will be verified with student/parent/guardian.
  3. Scanable sign-in/out tag will be assigned to student.

That's it!   Student will then be ready to join us once we open up again.


There is a place for you here!

Stop by to find great programs, open gym, tutoring and a place to hang out with friends. Connect with us on social media to stay up to date and to get exclusive details of last-minute events only announced online. Our after school programs are FREE for students grades 6th-12th.

We have revised our Youth Registration Form and process.  Every student who wants to attend activities/events at AYP, will need to have their parent/guardian fill out the updated Youth Registration & Waiver Form to start the registration process.

Need some extra help figuring out your homework?

We would love to help you! Please click the "TUTORING HELP" button and fill out the form to let us know what you would like help with & when.